Parkway Party Packages
The New Parkway offers a variety of party packages for larger groups of patrons. Some of these may be partially open to the public so they should not been confused with a private rental. These are also unique from our very quirky Party at the Parkway program. Party packages may be booked for most days besides Friday and Saturday nights. On weeknights, most start times would either be on the earlier side, between 6:30 and 7:00pm, or on the later side, between 9:00 and 9:30pm. We have more flexibility on weekend days but the screenings have to fit in with other events at the theater.

Now for the fine print:

•For all of the below, there’s no extra time set aside before or after the screening for patrons to hang out in the theater. But depending on the time of the screening, you may be welcome to extend the party before and/or after the show in our café, free of charge.
•For any of the party packages, you may NOT rent extra time in the theater nor add any in-theater catering services. You may, however, have catering before or after the event in our café and rent out space in the Mezzanine if you’d like.
•Party dates and movie titles are confirmed weeks in advance, ideally shortly after your application is submitted, but the exact party start time is not confirmed until the week of your event when the schedule for the week is published. At that time, your screening start time may change by up to 30 minutes.
•You are more likely to be picked for one of our parties if you offer multiple possible dates and/or times for your party, as well as several possible movies, since not all movies are licensable.
•After you apply, you should receive an email within a week or two with further instructions on how to pay for your party. Your party is only confirmed once we receive payment from you and are able to acquire licensing for the film (only upon receipt of payment do we start the licensing process).
•Please note that if you need your party to happen at a particular time, in a particular theater, want catering included, or have other additional requirements, you should not use one of these party packages!!
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