Instructions to Applicant and Pastor

1. The pastor and Local Board of Administration have a serious responsibility relative to the recommendation of a lay minister or of a minister-in-preparation to the district for license and study. The pastor and board should carefully and prayerfully evaluate the candidate’s Christian experience, reputation, conduct and spiritual stability. While recommendation for license should not be given lightly, neither should a candidate be rejected without sound reason.

2. Each pastor should have a copy of the Manual of Ministerial Preparation in order to give guidance to those seeking to fulfill their call to ministry. Copies are available from the Wesleyan Publishing House, P.O. Box 50434, Indianapolis, IN 46250-0434.

3. There are three types of lay ministry which are credentialed by The Wesleyan Church: lay minister; special worker; and lay missionary. For the lay minister, a one year course of study has been developed. For the special worker, a program of two years of study has been developed. For the lay missionary, the Church provides no special educational program with the exception of requirements that may be made by the general department under which they serve.

4. Normally the lay minister’s plans for ministry are focused on service within their local church. The lay minister is to assist the pastor as the pastor shall direct. The lay minister’s license is valid for one year. There is no district involvement in the licensing of a lay minister. Once the lay person has been licensed as a lay minister they are to register immediately with the Ministerial Study Course Agency through the General Department of Education and the Ministry and pursue the Lay Minister’s Course of Study. (see discipline 3210:4)

5. A special worker is a lay person who believes that they have been divinely led to serve the Church as a director of music, director of Christian education, youth director, song evangelist, children’s worker, spouse in ministry, lay evangelist, social worker or in some other special capacity, and who has been authorized to carry on such work by a District Conference. Upon recommendation by the Local Church Conference to the District Conference, the special worker should register immediately with the Ministerial Study Course Agency through the General Department of Education and the Ministry and pursue the Special Worker’s Course of Study. (see discipline 3210:5)

6. A ministerial student is a person who is convinced of a call which they expect to lead to ordination, and is engaged in studies either full or part-time towards that goal. A ministerial student must be examined and recommended to the District Conference and prepare for ordination under the supervision of the District Board of Ministerial Development.

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