Training Satisfaction Survey
ENY ALPA Training Assistance Committee requests your help. Please complete the following Training Satisfaction Survey based on the segment of training you recently completed. If you would like to provide feedback for multiple phases of training or for multiple instructors, please fill out a new survey for each.

The results of this survey will be de-identified in a compiled report to the company. Your name and employee ID will be kept in a separate roster from the survey responses. The data you provide is a key component in our efforts to make sure ENY pilots get the best training for a safe operation. Thank you for your time and input.

Employee ID *
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Date of course being critiqued *
Instructor's name
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1. What type of instructor did you have
2. Skill and responsiveness of the instructor
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Instructor was knowledgeable on the subject matter
Instructor maintained the class’ attention on the subject matter
Instructor kept class discussion relevant to the subject matter
Instructor’s teaching technique was effective
Instructor made the subject matter interesting
Instructor was well organized
Instructor followed the syllabus
Instructor used multimedia tools (PPT slides, iPad/PC screen display, etc.) effectively
Instructor answered questions satisfactorily
3. Course content
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Syllabus was clearly communicated
Expectations of trainees were clearly communicated
Course workload was appropriate
Course organized to allow all students to participate fully
Multimedia tools were relevant to the subject matter
Multimedia tools aided my understanding of the subject matter
I feel/felt prepared for my evaluation(s)
4. Which best describes your aviation background
5. How long have you been employed by Envoy
6. How many total hours do you have
7. How many multi-engine hours do you have
8. Which aircraft are you training for
9. Which training curriculum did you most recently enter/complete *
10. Which phase of training did you most recently complete *
11. How would you rate the quality of instruction
Very Ineffective
Very Effective
12. How would you rate your instructor's qualification to teach this course
Completely Unqualified
Highly Qualified
13. How would you rate your absorption of the course material
Not absorbed at all
Well absorbed, no questions
14. Based on the instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter and overall effectiveness in teaching the necessary information, and considering any previous training experience, which type of instructor do you feel would be most effective for this course
15. How much self study per night did you do beyond class hours (average)
16. How much group study per night did you do beyond class hours (average)
17. How much time were you given at home to accomplish assigned Computer Based Training (CBTs) between Indoctrination and Systems ground school
18. How would you describe the time allotted to complete assigned CBTs
Not enough
Too much
19. Which was most beneficial in learning the course material
20. Which of the following phase validations/evaluations did you find to be the most difficult
21. Did you feel unprepared, based on provided training, prior to any of the following
22. Did you receive an unsatisfactory evaluation for any of the following
23. How would you rate the quality of each of the following phases of training (only rate phases that you have entered/completed)
Very Poor / Unacceptable
Poor / Inadequate
Neutral / Barely adequate
Good / Industry standard
Excellent / Industry leading
Ground School: Indoctrination
Ground School: Systems
Ground School: Performance
Simulator: Procedures (IPT/CPT)
Simulator: Maneuvers (MT)
Simulator: Line Oriented (LOFT)
Flight: Initial Operator Experience (IOE)
24. What would you like to see added to Envoy’s training syllabus
Your answer
25. What was the least successful part of your training experience
Your answer
26. What was the most successful part of your training experience
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27. Based solely on the quality of your training here, would you recommend Envoy to friends/colleagues *
28. Comments / Testimonial: Do you have anything more you would like to add and pass along to Envoy Training or ALPA Training Assistance Committee
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