Caravan Stage:
The Caravan Stage accepts performance proposals from professional artists who would like to bring their music and dance to one of the most beautiful stages at the Oregon Country Fair. We respectfully ask that your act be relevant to the goals of the stage: to present a professional showcase of high quality live music and dance that draws on acoustic traditions from the Middle East and Mediterranean, Africa, and the Romani Diaspora. We do not feature vaudeville, kirtan, DJs, rock, reggae, burlesque, circus acts, gothic belly dance fusion, American folk, or most repertoire that is featured on other stages at the OCF. Please apply at one of the other amazing stages at the Oregon Country Fair if your act involves these elements. Your application must be received by February 15 of 2020 in order to be considered for acceptance. If you are applying as a solo belly dancer or belly dance troupe without musicians, you need to apply for the Friday 5:30-7pm Professional Belly Dance Showcase, not one of the Guest Band slots. If your application is accepted, you will dance with the guest band performing during the Friday time slot. Jury decisions are based on the following criteria: 1) whether the act fits the goals of the CS; 2) whether the act fills an artistic gap at the CS; 3) level of artistry and professionalism; 4) number of performers applying. *Bands are preferred over solo musical acts.

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