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Wholehearted 101
What does it mean to live a wholehearted life, and how can you make it happen? In this course, we'll cover the basic principles of wholeheartedness, the most common obstacles, and most importantly, how you can feel more wholehearted every day.
Authentic Videoblogging
One of the things people love most about Kyeli is her authenticity. She videoblogs courageously about tender, personal topics, and her warmth and openness touch the hearts of her readers. With plenty of practice, lots of heart, and a little bit of technical advice, you'll soon be videoblogging authentically, too!
Wholehearted Sales Pages
Ethical entrepreneurs like us often get stuck writing a sales page that is effective without being pushy. They fall into one of two traps: One, they're so respectful that they cross the line into timid, or two, they try to be sales-y but it comes across as inauthentic. Both traps have the same result: nobody signs up. In this course, we'll teach you how to create effective sales pages without feeling icky about it!
Peaceful Productivity
Ugh, just the word "productivity" makes me think of schedules and to-do lists and forcing myself to do things I don't really want to do. Blargh! Let's shake that off and have some fun with it! No forcing, no pushing, no whipping. Peaceful Productivity is about finding the time to do the things you love, and finding the motivation to do them - peacefully.
The 4th Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop
Get your words out of your heart and into the world! In the past three years, we've featured many famous writers such as SARK, Barbara Sher, and Julia Cameron. This year, it's all us - Pace and Kyeli. We'll teach you the 6 steps to world-changing writing, with special focus on the areas where would-be world-changing writers get stuck or blocked. This workshop will help you find your voice and change the world.
Pathfinding Academy
Do you want to feel clear and confident about your direction in life, but you're not ready for the intensive one-on-one coaching of the Pathfinding Program? The Pathfinding Academy is for you. This is not a course, it's an ongoing resource for learning and connection. Each month, I (Pace) will teach two lessons on a topic related to Pathfinding, and I'll be available to answer questions and offer support. You'll also be able to connect with the other Pathfinders at the Academy and support each other. If your heart aches to do what you love, but you don't know how, this could be your first step.
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