NHC Summer Institute Zeitler Fellowship Letter of Recommendation
Dear Recommender:

You’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone for the Zeitler Fellowship at the NHC Summer Institute.

The National Havurah Committee is a network of diverse individuals and communities dedicated to Jewish living and learning, community building, and tikkun olam (repairing the world). Since the 1970s, the NHC Summer Institute has been bringing together Jews from across North America to envision a joyful grassroots Judaism and provide the tools to help them create empowered Jewish lives and communities. The NHC is a nondenominational, multigenerational, egalitarian, and volunteer-run organization. You can read more at https://havurah.org/

The Zeitler Fellowship is a cohort of young adults who are exploring their roles as participants and emerging leaders in their communities. We are looking for participants who are interested in exploring lay-led, participatory, independent Jewish community. A full description of the program is available at https://havurah.org/institute-2019-2/zeitler-fellowship-2019/

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Letters of recommendation for this Fellowship can be informal. Please describe in what capacity(ies) you know the Fellow, and what you have seen of their leadership and/or community building skills, in the Jewish community or elsewhere. *
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