SJV Project Outreach Follow-Up
Thank you for your time and participation in our parish outreach! This survey can serve as a follow up to the Project Outreach phone call you received and/or the opportunity to provide additional feedback in regard to the future of our parish.
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What is your name? (First and Last) *
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Would you like a response from the SJV Project Outreach Team to your survey follow-up? *
How long have you been a parishioner at St. John Vianney? *
As a whole, are your spiritual needs being met by the SJV Parish?
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In regard to your spiritual needs, where can we make improvements? Any feedback would be much appreciated, as we are trying to strengthen our outreach to better serve our SJV family and overall community.
We realize that normal day to day and weekly mass worship has changed policy due to COVID-19, have you been back to SJV for mass recently?
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If you have returned to SJV for mass during the time of COVID-19 safety protocols, do you have any feedback from your experience(s)? Any feedback would be much appreciated, as we are hopeful for more of our parishioners to feel safe and return to mass.
Have you utilized or preferred our digital mass viewing platform (available for Wednesday Mass worship at 8:45 am and at ALL weekend masses)?
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If you have utilized our digital mass viewing platform(s), do you have any feedback or suggestions for an improved experience?
Have you attended other local parishes’ for mass or achieved attendance to a weekly mass in another way? If so, how do our safety practices and viewing opportunities compare?
The main topic of our conversation has been “Outreach”, are you involved in any ministries in the parish? If so, which ministries are you involved with?
We have so many great organizations and ministries to be a part of. Extending your personal outreach to others in the parish would be very helpful and greatly appreciated, especially at this time. Please check the following organizations and ministries that you would be interested in learning more about and/or participating in. Check as many as you would like!
Is there a way that we as a parish community can assist in fulfilling any personal assistance or help you are in need of? How can we pray for you and your family?
Do you have any questions or additional feedback in regard to our parish?
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