Shorefront Erosion: Do You Have it?
The purpose of this quiz is to help you determine if you have erosion or runoff issues on your lakefront property. After you submit your quiz, we'll contact you to set up a technical assistance site visit.
Which lake are you on? *
Which of these best describes any gullying occurring at your property?
What do the tree roots on your property look like?
What does your shoreline look like?
What is the size of your driveway and parking area?
How does your driveway handle big rain events?
What level of vegetation does your property have?
What's your access to the water like?
How much of your property is taken up by roof space (house, garage, sheds, porch, deck etc)
What does it looks like under the eaves/gutters of your house?
What type of soil do you have?
What is your name?
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