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MusicEd Blogs Mission Statement
Our mission is to offer high quality music education blogs to our readers. These blogs offer lesson ideas, pedagogical expertise, and knowledge from shared experiences. These blogs will serve music teachers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Ultimately, students will be the beneficiaries of the MusicEd Blogs content.
To dedicate ourselves to this mission, we've adapted several guidelines:

•Blogs should be inclusive of all readers. We will remove blogs that contain inflammatory speech.
•Blogs should offer lesson ideas, pedagogical expertise, and/or shared experiences.
•Blogs should not consist solely of product advertisements. Hard sell posts should occur within only one of every 12 posts.
•Blog posts can contain soft sells*. Posts with soft sells need to consist of at least 80% non-product content.
•Blogs should be up to date. We will remove blogs that are stagnant for a period of six months or more.

*soft sells are brief descriptions (or an image) of a product that adds value to the blog content, but is not the main focus. Posts with soft sells should contain valuable information that the reader can use without buying a product.
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