Teaching Disability History in the U.S.
Emerging America and its many partner organizations seek to find out how much U.S. K-12 students are taught Disability History. We seek insights into what Disability History topics students are taught. We also want to learn where teachers get Disability History curriculum and resources. Your responses to this survey will help us to discover strengths and gaps, and to better align future resources for classroom use.
Thank you! - Rich Cairn, Project Director - rcairn@collaborative.org 

The Reform to Equal Rights K-12 Disability History Curriculum project is supported by a Teaching with Primary Sources grant from the Library of Congress and by an Expand Massachusetts Stories grant from Mass Humanities.

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1) Role - (Check all that apply.)
2) How many times during the school year do you teach a lesson or part of a lesson that directly addresses something about Disability History? (Choose one.)
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3) Not counting your answer to the last question, how many times during the school year do you mention in passing (one or two minutes) an aspect of Disability History? (Choose one.)
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3) How many years have you taught disability history at the level that you identified in the previous question? (Choose one.)
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4) Where do you get the lessons or parts of lessons on Disability History that you teach? (Check all that apply.)
5) Where do you get other resources (including primary sources, videos, or articles–that are not lesson plans) to support teaching of Disability History? (Check all that apply.)
6) What content topics of Disability History have you taught in the 2021-2022 school year? (Check all that apply.)
7) What resource(s) would help you expand or improve your teaching of disability history? (Check all that apply.)
8) Is there anything you would like for us to know about teaching disability history?
9) What are the barriers to teaching disability history? 
OPTIONAL - If we may contact you to learn more about how you teach disability history, add your NAME and EMAIL address below. 
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