The ROOTS Boston Spring 2020 Sign-up Sheet
“Like one person with one heart” (Rashi, commentary on Exodus 19:2). In our isolation, we can sometimes forget that the human experience--hope, grief, fear, surprise, and wonder--is shared. If you are struggling to grow a family, a ROOTS group is an optional reflective space to find peer support and loving comfort in Jewish wisdom and ritual.

ROOTS groups are micro-communities of eight to twelve Boston-area adults who are confronting a fertility challenge. Each is led by a Spiritual Advisor and a volunteer who hosts the ROOTS group in their home. They meet four to six times in a Jewish calendar year for ‘Jewish moments.’

Register today! Uprooted accepts applications on a rolling basis. There are no fees to connect with a ROOTS group, and all persons--Jews, Jewishly curious persons, and Jewishly-connected partners--are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact Uprooted Boston Program Director, Rachel Spekman at (617) 652-0207 or
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