We <3 Role-Play - Designer App
We are open to discovering smaller brands that can bring quality new products to the event as well as established brands looking to branch out.


Event Rules:

~ No IP infringing content EVER. Stores that support this will not be considered. This also applies to content downloaded from 3rd party websites. It is your responsibility to make sure your items contain legal sources only.
~ High quality content only. This includes the presentation of your products.
~The store has to be established. Please make sure you already provide a decent array of items before you apply. Empty stores do not count as such.
~ A discount of 25%-50% is mandatory for the event.
~Designers must participate a minimum of 3 times per year.
** Upon acceptance, designers must participate within the first 3 months.**
~NO full permission items are allowed to be sold at the event.
~NO meshes from 3rd party mesh websites.
~No meshes COPIED from 3rd party mesh sites are allowed. (Basically this means, if we can tell it was "inspired" by a particular item from a 3rd party mesh site, then we will ask you to remove it. We are not going to take the time to "spot the differences". There needs to be at LEAST a 50% difference)
~The items should fit one of the following themes: Medieval (Fantasy), Gor, Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt, Victorian, Vikings, Barbarians, Native American, Wizards **not Harry Potter as that's modern roleplay** (Merlin etc.), Steampunk, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic Scenarios, Rockabilly and similar themes.
We do NOT want normal, modern clothes. You can find those at 10000 other events already.
Gachas are NOT allowed - no exceptions.

Are you a pose store? Please keep in mind that you *must* provide props with your poses. You will not be considered otherwise.

Please understand that we will only get back to you if you got accepted.

Thank you! ♥
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The rules are subject to change at anytime - you can find them here: https://weloveroleplay.weebly.com/designer-application-open.html
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