Application Form for Mobilunity Sales House Partners
Mobilunity Sales House is looking for Ukrainian-based partners who have strong expertise in specific technologies or domains to further promote them in Western markets. If you are interested in such cooperation, please fill the form in.
Company name: *
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Month/Year of foundation (MM/YY): *
Location, physical office presence (mention primary one or all you now have): *
Engineering team size (do not count administrative/marketing/bizdev staff; count only full time people you contract): *
Client engagement and billing models (fixed cost projects, T&M projects, Dedicated Development Teams, else): *
Niche technology and/or industry expertise (it may be your primary tech stack, ideally supported with portfolio/case studies links): *
Current marketing and sales channels (how do you promote and sell now, so we know our channel will be an extension, not a competition): *
Presale process definition (how do you usually work when you get a potential project inquiry, describe the process in basic steps): *
Project management methodology and process definition (if it's kanban only - say so, if it may be any - say so, if you prefer any - say which): *
Rates (we need a range, we understand more you are paid - better): *
Contact person name, title and email: *
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