Preliminary One Brick Event Request Form
** Please note that we need at least 8 weeks' lead time to set up an event. 6 weeks might be do-able, but there's no guarantee. One Brick Seattle is also all volunteer-run (we all have regular day jobs), so responses can take up to a week. **
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Where you will need volunteers (Please include city and zip code); our current service area is Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and a few miles from each
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Please note that we need 6-8 weeks' notice to gather volunteers and set up (we are all volunteer-run and thus things can take time)
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One Brick events are limited to 4 hours (we can potentially go to 5 hours if you provide a meal); we do not do events during the day on a weekday and we do not do events before 9 AM. We limit events that require a lot of manual labor to 3 hours.
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Number of volunteers requested *
There is a certain amount of overhead on our part when setting up events, so we prefer events that need at least 10 people. That said, if your event is really fun, we might consider events that need as little as 5.
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What will the volunteers being doing? (i.e. pouring beer, sorting food, stuffing & labeling evelopes, pulling weeds) *
Please be specific and note that we have a preference for group-based activities (volunteers may not be alone--that's not social). If we accept your event, this description will appear on the website.
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