Aromantic and Asexual Characters Database
The goal of this form is to help me fill out the Aro and Ace Characters in Fiction Database, available here:

This database aims to record asexual and aromantic in prose fiction, including webserials available for free online. Webcomics, TV shows, or other mediums are not included.

Please make sure you understand what asexuality and aromanticism mean. For example, characters who are celibate but experience sexual attractions do not belong here.

PLEASE DO NOT FILL THE FORM IF YOU ARE NOT THE AUTHOR. You can instead contact me at and I will investigate!

Fill it once per character per book. Every character has a different line in the database, so even if you have several asexual characters in your novel (YAY), the best is to fill the form once for each! If you write a series and the same character is present in more than one book, fill it once per book for that character too! I am sorry about the extra work, but this allows for precise information about how the representation evolves through a series (ex: asexuality is only made canon later in a series).

Definitions for the terms are in the link above. Use your best judgement!

Last, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
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What is your character's sexual orientation?
What is your character's romantic orientation?
If your story contains romance or a QPR that involves the ace/aro character, what are the genders involved (use M/F/NB for genders. Put more than two for polyamory, eg M/M/F)
What are, if any, the major relationships in your character's life? (Friends, found family, QPP, etc.) Please write down those significant within the story.
Are there any warnings you'd like to share about the representation (character deaths, tropes people might be avoiding, etc.) ?
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