Agreement - 2020/2021 OCPAA Competition Team
This form is our 20/21 Policy Agreement for all dancers joining a competition team for 2020/2021 who either applied after the deadline of 8/1 or did not fill out the policies with their initial application. Please note that if you missed the deadline of 8/1 there may be additional steps you must take to complete your application - if you did not receive details on the additional steps please contact


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Parent/Guardian First Name *
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Dancer Names *
Please list the FIRST and LAST NAME of ALL DANCERS in this family applying for a 2020/2021 OCPAA Competition Team.
1. Commitment *
I understand that being a part of the OCPAA Company/Dance Club team is a big commitment both financially and also with time. I understand that should my child be chosen for OCPAA Company/Dance Club that it is top priority over all other activities and absences for other things such as sports, extra activities will be considered unexcused and more than two unexcused absences could result in my child being removed from the team.
2. Attendance *
I understand and agree to the student attendance requirements for classes, rehearsals, competitions, company photo day and recitals as well as all competitions and nationals. In most cases attendance is mandatory.
3. Year Long Program *
I understand that it is required to pay full tuition for all 12 months of the year & that tuition for classes does not stop for summer or have any partial months unless communicated otherwise. I understand that if I quit after the national competition I will still need to pay tuition for that month.
4. Placements *
I understand and agree that all group and team placements are final and not up for discussion with OCPAA faculty and/or staff. Requests for number of group dances, duet/trios and solos are not guaranteed. I understand that students auditioning for Company may be placed on Dance Club instead.
5. Exclusivity *
I agree that if placed on the OCPAA Company or Dance Club that I will not compete with any other company team outside of OCPAA for the season nor will I take private lessons from any studios that also maintain a competition team.
6. Proprietary Choreography *
I agree that all group, solo, duet and trio dances are the property of OCPAA and may not be competed under another studio or as an independent.
7. Nationals *
I understand that the national competition may require a hotel stay and may be out of state.
8. Fees *
I understand that I will be given a full outline of required fees and payment plans prior to group rehearsals for the season starting and that I will pay all fees in a timely manner. I understand that failure to pay on time may result in my dancer's solo from competing and may also result in my dancer being replaced in group dances. Furthermore, I understand that all deposits & payments including costume fees are non-refundable.
9. Refunds *
I agree that if I decide to remove my dancer from company at any point during the year I will not receive refunds for tuition, costumes or competition fees.
10. COVID-19 *
I understand that should the competition season be interrupted or modified in any way due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that the studio will make every effort to refund competition fees per the discretion and policies of the competition management of which we have no control over. I understand that some competition management may only provide studios credit towards the next season in which case OCPAA will not be able to provide monetary refunds. Additionally, all completed costumes will be given to each dancer and costume fees will be refunded for any costumes not started when applicable. Refunds will not be given for choreography fees, rehearsal fees, prop fees or tuition fees.
11. Final Agreement *
I confirm that I agree with and accept the above key requirements and policies. I understand that failure to comply with these agreements and policies may result in being asked to leave the OCPAA Company or Dance Club.
Parent/Guardian Signature *
Please type the FIRST and LAST NAME of the parent or guardian who has filled out this form.
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