Libby Hill Viewshed
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. I am a graduate student at VCU studying the economic impact of Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA's Church Hill neighborhood. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly at

This survey is being conducted to study the economic impact of the viewshed and to see what impact further development would have on that information. The results of this study will be used by the Church Hill Civic Association as it develops a list of standards to review and make suggestions on proposed development within the Libby Hill Viewshed

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Have you ever been to Libby Hill Park?
If you answered yes above, how often do you go to the park?
Which of the following activities do you do when visiting the park? Check all that apply
When visiting this park, how likely are you to visit a restaurant or shop within walking distance during your visit?
Which of the following events have you attended in Libby Hill Park?
With the new Pulse Rapid Transit project now complete, new development and zoning are proposed along East Main Street from Rockett's Landing to Main Street Station that will likely increase density and allow building heights up to 12 stories high, which could change the current views from Libby Hill Park. Would higher density development along E. Main Street impact your perception of the park and how often you visit?
What would keep you from visiting the park in the future?
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When visiting Libby Hill Park, how do you normally get there?
What benefits do you feel the viewshed adds to the community?
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Do you have any final thoughts on the Libby Hill Viewshed?
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