Workplace Campaign Survey
This survey is designed to provide valuable information to United Way of Tompkins County, on your upcoming 2019-2020 Workplace Campaign. Please fill out the survey below and submit by September 15.
Name of Organization *
CEO or Executive Director/ Title/ Email/ Phone *
Are there any other key personnel that assist with your campaign? (ie decision-makers charitable giving, payroll, marketing) Please list them with their role and contact information below:
Employee Campaign Coordinator/ Title/ Email/ Phone *
Would your workplace be willing to nominate an executive employee to serve on our campaign committee?
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If YES, or MAYBE, please provide information on who we should contact by typing their NAME, ROLE/TITLE, PHONE, EMAIL below:
We are asking all workplaces to identify which phase of our campaign year your organization would like to participate in. Please choose below. *Note ECC's will be given options for planning sessions/picking up materials. *
Please select your method of Giving for the upcoming campaign year. *
What months will your payroll deductions come out for the 2019-2020 campaign? (ie. Start Month/ Year.......End Month/Year:)
UWTC is considering a perpetual giving option as a box donors can check. What requirements, if any, would your HR or Payroll departments have around this option?
Do you hold a launch/kickoff event? *
If your organization does hold a launch/kickoff event, what is the date if known?
Please select all you are interested in for your 2019-2020 launch event:
Do you allow email remainders for your campaign?
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Would you like UWTC to provide the following ELECTRONIC support items?
Number of Employees: *
Would you like to receive email of your organizations giving history?
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Please fill in your employee giving goals for the 19-20 campaign year. *
What is working and/or what does your workplace value highly in relationship?
What challenges does your workplace campaign have as pertains to the UWTC campaign with your work culture and employees?
How can the staff of UWTC help you better?
Is there anything else you'd like to share or discuss? Please feel free to ask for a meeting; we want to meet your workplace needs as pertains to the UWTC mission and campaign:
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