Cache Humane Society Foster Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in fostering with Cache Humane Society. Foster homes are crucial to help Cache Humane save lives. They help with many important tasks like caring for animals too young to be housed safely in a shelter environment, helping animals that could use time away from the shelter, caring for sick or recovering animals, and preparing animals for their furever homes. It is a very rewarding experience and we could not do it without you!

In order to begin your fostering experience, please fill out the following questionnaire. We match animals with their foster homes based on their needs and foster needs. Please be prepared to come to an in-shelter orientation and have your home checked to ensure we match you with the right animal.

Lets get started!
Primary Foster Caregiver Information
Are you 18 years of age or older? *
What is your first and last name? *
What is your home address? *
What is the best phone number to reach you at? *
What is your email address? *
Do you rent or own your home? *
If renting, does your rental agreement or lease allow you to have a pet or foster? If no, do you have permission to foster an animal from your landlord? (We require you to have permission from your landlord in order to foster. Please bring permission to your orientation.)
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Household Information
How many adults live in the home? *
How many children live in the home? How old are they? *
Is anyone in your home allergic to pets? If yes, what are they allergic to? *
Do you have any pets? If yes, please list the species, breed, sex, if spayed/neutered and if vaccinated. *
Can you keep a foster animal separate from your own animals? *
Do you have a designated, safe place to keep your foster animal? If so, where? *
How many hours per day will the foster animal be left alone? *
1 Hour or Never
10 Hours+
Do you have transportation to get to and from the shelter?
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Foster Availability
Each type of foster is very different and takes a different amount of time. Please read through the options and select which options would work best for you. We have listed the average foster duration with each foster type. Keep in mind that we ask you to please take fosters for the full fostering duration. We work around vacations and understand that emergencies happen.
If you are interested in fostering dogs, please select what types you are willing to work with? *
If you are interested in fostering cats, please select what types you are willing to work with? *
If you are interested in fostering other species, please select what types you are willing to work with? *
Do you have any breed restrictions or preferences? *
Are you aware that shelter animals are often not trained and may have behavioral issues? These include but are not limited to; chewing personal items, having accidents in the house, digging, etc. Are you willing to work with behavior issues if they arise? *
Please read the following:
By signing this questionnaire, I affirm that all the information provided to Cache Humane Society is true. I also allow a representative from Cache Humane Society to contact me regarding my foster inquiry.
Signature Acknowledging the Above *
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