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If you are not paid up for this year, signup/pay before registering for FlagBus.

We’ve had many requests for this one. When we’re getting nuked in the valley, it’s time to head to the hills, on the best ride of the year. This Year, we are also including two complimentary pints during the tour.

You only need to submit one signup for yourself and your guests.

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Schedule / Main details

Date: Saturday 08/03/2019
Pickup Locations: Hungry Monk and Black Canyon Brewing.
Cost: $50 / Passenger.
Who can come: Silver Member may bring one paid guest. Gold member may bring two paid guests. All participants must be 21+ Years or older.

We are limited to 38 Seats. We will attempt to lock down the signup form as we get to the limit. Google Docs does not automatically lock down at a certain number. If we are full when you signup, you will be wait-listed and your payment will be returned.

Tentative Itinerary
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What to Bring

It's an ASH trip.. of course you can bring beer. Glass is not allowed on the bus, so bring soft/plastic cups. Space is limited, so bring lunch sized coolers that can fit overhead or under seat.
Don't Bring your 48 quart gott cooler!
Don't mess up the bus. You make a mess, you clean it up and/or pay the huge cleaning fee.
After you submit your registration, you will be directed to a confirmation page. On that confirmation page are the links to pay via paypal. Please submit paypal payment.


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Terms and Conditions

If you would like to help with the gratuity for the Bus/Driver, Please give to PAUL or MARK, so we can incorporate it into the single gratuity payment.

These Breweries are being VERY friendly to the sudden onslaught of40 people walking through the door. Allow some leeway for the speed of getting a pint.
If you like these bus trips, don't publish anything negative online about any of the breweries. Let's foster relationships. if you have a complaint, bring it up to Paul or Mark or the Brewery directly. No social media flaming. If you do flame, you won't be back on a future ASH trip.

Know your sampling limits. Hydrate, Eat, pace yourself.
Aggressive / violent behavior is not tolerated and will ban you from future trips. (I don't recall it ever being an issue).
Happy, adult beer loving behavior is expected.
Be on time for pickups. Our Schedule is tight, our driving hours are limited and we can't wait for late individuals.
If you miss a pickup, call/text Paul/Mark and catch an uber to the next stop. If you miss the last stop from Historic that is going to Phoenix, good luck.

Immediate payment is required after the registration form submission. The registration confirmation email will contain a link for paypal payment.
If you no-show on the event day, your fee will not be refunded. Thank you for your donation to ASH.
If you need to cancel before the trip, please try to cancel no later than one week prior to the trip so we can find a replacement for your seat.
Registrations are non transferable. (only those who signed up and their guests will be allowed on the bus)
You may only accept payment from your guests for the original ticket price.

You agree to act responsibly and to accept all consequences for your actions AND FOR YOUR GUESTS as well. You must agree to the following:
As a participant, I agree to pay any and all damages/reconciliations that are the result of my actions.
As a participant, I agree to hold Arizona Society of Homebrewers harmless from the consequences of my actions.

Arizona Society of Homebrewers reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time and will refund the amount paid.

Arizona Society of Homebrewers reserves the right to deny entrance into the bus or to eject a participant from the bus for any reason. Payment will not be returned if we have to remove you from the bus.

Arizona Society of Homebrewers is not responsible to cover transportation costs for anyone who misses a pickup or is ejected from the bus.

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