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For two or more stops, We charge $5 for each additional stop AFTER the first one.
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Restaurant orders, Grocery lists, prescription information or other items we are to pick up.
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If you choose to have us call you if we have questions concerning your order, YOU MUST ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN WE CALL. If our attempts to call are ignored or you're not available, we will either choose for you or immediately cancel the order before completing and you will have to resubmit the order at a later time when you will be available.
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Orders delivered or picked up outside Medford are charged a mileage fee of $1.25 per mile to the actual address.
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Orders will NOT be processed without a working phone number. To avoid delays or cancellation of your order, be by your phone in case we have to contact you.
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Large orders ($100 & over) require card payment information in advance. Sorry, we do not accept checks as payment.(cash payments only, if you're using our "reduced service" option)
How to use PayPal
We require a credit card in advance for all out-of-State orders. For any credit cards that we cannot physically verify with the customer, we may place a “code 10 authorization” request to your card issuer before we do your order. This ensures that the card belongs to the consumer and that we can safely run the card for payment. Doing this may flag your account as suspicious until verified so you may get an alert from your card issuer. You may also have us keep your card on file if you regularly order from us. Unless you specify otherwise, we destroy all card information immediately after use. Make sure you fill out all fields. We may call you for any missing information. You are always welcome to have us take your card information over the phone if you aren't comfortable submitting on line.
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