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This introductory form is used to share your interest
in being part of Global Community Designs' (GCD)
networking areas and provides member access
to mutual benefits...Information is also included
below to access higher value member benefit tiers...

When submitting your contact information,
you will be able to indicate which areas
you wish to find inclusion within...

Here is an extensive list of interest areas,
subsidiaries, and projects we represent:

Ripples of Wellness (ROWAN International)
- Wellness Initiative Network
- Peer Hospitality Network
- Helpful Alliance of Loved Ones
- Reconnecting with the Earth for
Personal & Global Healing

Global Star Alliance
- Striving Artists
- Healing Nexus
- Rainbow Bazaar

The EarthLight Project
- Elysium Vigil events
- =ENGAGE= events

Allied Circles of Elysium (=ACE=)
- The Alliance in Collaborative Excellence
- Elysian Fleet of FriendShips

MUSE Media Arts
- MUSE Broadcast
- Rising Times newsletter
- Planetary Repair Digest (PR, Inc.)

Armada Talent Alliance (ATA)
- ATA Marketplace
- IndiGenious
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A Candle Loses Nothing in Lighting Another
Donations and Member Tributes are Appreciated
A free membership offers the most basic benefits including limited access
to archived newsletters, guest sanctuary at our event locations, and also
includes news by mailing list updates about events and campaigns.

If you wish to contribute more than the suggested amounts below
please specify whether your offering is to be a donation to assist us
in our charitable activities or a tribute for securing member benefits.

Member benefit tiers are:

Ally of the Pantheon: $35/quarterly (includes member card, Tier 1 benefits access, and free member benefits.)
Expanded: $90/quarter year (includes member card, Tier 2 benefits access, and free member benefits.)
Extensive: $150/quarter year (includes member card, Tier 3 benefits access, and free member benefits.)

A one-time $10 is applied to new member accounts
for processing and production of a new member card.
Monthly accounts are offered at 1/3 the displayed value.
Inquiries are welcome and current benefit package
options can be browsed at

Our mailing address is:
Global Community Designs
P.O. Box 29092
Portland, OR 97296

Address for Paypal:

(: ~ Thank you for your interest and support ~ :)
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