Now Open! Do Good Challenge Booster Fund Application 2014
The Do Good Challenge Booster Fund provides seed funding and strategic advice to promising social entrepreneurs, organizations, philanthropic projects, and innovators to help them maximize their potential to “Do Good” and prepare for the official Do Good Challenge in the Spring semester. Applicants can request between $100-$500 in grant funding to be used to jump-start their project or organization.

Select applicants will be invited to present their Do Good ideas to Booster Fund recipients and amounts. These informal presentations should be limited to 3 minutes and structured as entrepreneurial pitches. Presenters should describe the societal problem/issue they have identified, the project or organization they will be creating or working with to address that problem/issue, and how they plan to use the funds to amplify the impact that their project or organization will have.

Applications are due on October 20th, 2014. You will be contacted if you are selected to present your idea to the Do Good panel. Presentations will be scheduled for Friday, October 31 (Boo!) and Friday, November 7. If selected for a Booster Fund grant, your team must compete in the 2015 Do Good Challenge. For more information go to

The Do Good Challenge is a chance for Terps to team up and make the greatest social impact they can for their favorite cause by volunteering, fundraising, promoting awareness, or advancing their own social enterprise during an eight-week period in the spring semester. The most impactful projects and ventures during the challenge are invited to the Do Good Finals where they pitch live to a panel of high profile judges for prize money toward their cause.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Thank you for applying, good luck, and remember to keep doing good!
Booster Fund Criteria
We will evaluate seed funding applications according to four main criteria: Impact, Leverage, Creativity, and Feasibility.

Impact – We will assess both the scope and the depth of the project/venture and its potential impact.

Leverage – We will consider how well the project/venture will utilize seed funding and the Do Good Challenge platform to impact its cause. We will consider how well the project/venture’s receipt of seed funding will boost or jumpstart its efforts.

Creativity – We will assess whether the project/venture presents an innovative approach to addressing and/or solving a social issue.

Feasibility – We will assess the feasibility of the seed funding accomplishing its intended purpose. The Booster Funds are targeted grants, and we want to ensure that funding we provide will help the applicant achieve intended outcomes.
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