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What are your main source(s) of discovery for fashion anyway?
Do you prefer shopping online or in store?
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When shopping online, how important are free returns to you?
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How important to you is sustainability?
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Please list your most recent purchase.
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How important to you are brands?
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When you discover a new label, do you usually go on to visit their Instagram or website prior to making a purchase?
Do you often read their ABOUT page?
How about their STOCKISTS page?
Do you find it reassuring to see a newly discovered brand being carried by a prominent retailer?
Please name a beloved established brand.
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How about a favourite up-and-coming one?
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Where would you rather get your party dress from?
How about your denim?
And your bag?
Pair of shoes?
And finally - your swim piece?
What do you mostly look for in a swimsuit anyway?
Do you care much about tanning?
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Would you buy a swim piece featuring silk details?
Do you tend to choose sustainable over non-sustainable options?
Do you prefer to have your swimsuit's cups padded?
How often do you buy swimwear?
Do you prefer to get it online or in store?
Do you buy same size top and bottom?
Would you rather buy them separately and mix and match your own?
Do you tend to shop at local resort boutiques when you travel?
When you do shop online, would you prefer to see swimwear shot on a model or as a product image?
How much on average are you willing to spend on swim anyway?
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How about on resort?
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Do you like to mix your swim and resort pieces with your everyday wardrobe and wear in the city, too?
What do you usually wear to go to the beach anyway?
Do you prefer to wear silk, cotton, or linen over your swimsuit?
What are your go-to swim brands?
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Do you ever purchase swim from ready-to-wear brands you like?
How about your go-to resort wear brands?
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