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Thank you for your interest in joining PDX Alliance for Self-Care's internship program. Please let us know which of the following skills/interests you possess and how you can impact our organization.
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If you are proficient in any languages (including American Sign Language) other than English, please list them here & indicate your level of fluency:
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Are you low on relevant skills or experience but high on enthusiasm/passion? What intangibles will you bring to PDX ASC?
What is your major or area of interest?
Do you have a minor or secondary area of interest?
How would you take the skills you learn during this internship and share them with your community?
Project Management Interests
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Design Databases
Design Website Pages
Expand Organizational Capacity & Outreach
Innovate At-Risk Youth Outreach Programs
Event Planning & Project Management
Self-Design Relevant Project
Donor Relations
Volunteer Education & Relations
Grant Writing
Leadership Development
Briefly share your thoughts on the phrase: "All Lives Matter"
Briefly share your thoughts on the phrase: "Black Lives Matter"
Can someone be racist toward a white person?
How many genders are there?
PDX ASC strives to hire interns that represent the communities we serve, especially communities of color. If you are a person of color, how do you feel your racial and/or ethnic identity informs your engagement with social justice movements?
PDX ASC affirms that white and white-passing people have a responsibility to actively combat white supremacist attitudes and practices. If you are white or white-passing, how do you understand your role in anti-racist organizing, and what are you doing to dismantle white supremacy in your communities?
Will you do this internship for credit?
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