2017 Heartwood Gathering Participant Feedback
Please let us know how we did. Your feedback is appreciated and will help us to make Heartwood even better in 2018.
Overall, how did you like Heartwood?
Did not like Heartwood Gathering
Liked Heartwood Gathering very much!
What did you like about Heartwood?
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What could have been better?
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How did you hear about Heartwood?
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How easy was the registration process?
Comments on registration process
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How would you rate Ganaraska Forest Center?
Comments on Ganaraska Forest Center
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What topics did you most like to learn about or discuss at Heartwood?
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What new or returning teachers would you like to see in 2018?
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Would you like to see a kids program at future Heartwood Gatherings?
Any other comments or suggestions?
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