Survey for Art Lovers
Help me find out more information about your artistic choices and more!
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Have you ever purchased an Original Painting from an artist in the past? *
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How much have you spent on one Original Painting? Multiple options possible.
How much would you spend in the future, on an Original Painting? Multiple options possible. *
What is the most important factor to you, when you purchase an Original Painting? Multiple options possible. *
Have you purchased any wearable art or accessories in the past such as: tote bags, leggings, t-shirt, jacket, canvas print, etc. and what was it? *
If so, what did you purchase?
If so, how much did you spend on each artistic by-product? Multiple options possible. (See list in next question for reference)
What type of wearable art and accessories would you like to purchase in the future? Choose as many as you wish. *
How much would you spend on a wearable art, an accessory or on any other artistic products other than the Original Painting? *
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