Harmful Algal Blooms and Ocean Acidification Workshop: Defining a research agenda
Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) and Ocean Acidification (OA) are threats to marine ecosystems and human communities in the coastal zone. Although many areas of research have provided insights into the factors that govern HAB dynamics, toxicity and impacts, only a few of these have included OA. Similarly, OA studies have examined ocean biogeochemistry and impacts to marine resources and economies, and have started to expand into multiple stressor studies (e.g. with hypoxia and warming). Less is known about the influences of OA – HAB interactions and cascading impacts to coastal ecosystems, communities and economies.

This workshop will identify research needs at the intersection of OA and HABs. We want the workshop to be inclusive of both the HAB and OA communities.

We will explore the following questions:
Are OA and HAB dynamics linked? ● Does OA influence growth and/or toxicity of HABs? ● What are food web impacts of combining OA and HABs? ● Are some marine species more vulnerable or more resilient to combined OA and HAB impacts? ● What are the resulting impacts to fisheries and coastal economies? ● Can we make projections about future conditions? ● How can we encapsulate information about combined OA and HAB impacts into useful information for management and policy makers? ● What are the major gaps in our understanding?

What: 3-day  workshop, with background presentations and group discussions
When: August 11-13, 2020, in the afternoons on the east coast, mornings on the west coast
Where: virtual meeting through Adobe Connect

An outcome of this workshop will be identification and prioritization of major research needs that can address priority HAB-OA research questions in the next 5 years.

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