Rensselaer SoA Peer-Mentor Questionnaire
Welcome back! We're glad you're interested in becoming a mentor this year! As a mentor, you will be an upperclassman who contributes to our shared culture of collaboration, comradery, and curiosity. Throughout the year, you will be asked to join us for mentoring events. Your proactive, consistent involvement and good attitude as a mentor is expected and a significant factor in the success of our school and the strength of out student body.

Your completion of this survey is due Thursday, SEP 7th.
Mentoring is a power-free, two-way mutually beneficial learning situation in which the mentor provides advice, shares knowledge and experiences, and teaches using a low pressure, self-discovery approach. (Starcevich, Matt, 1999, “Coach, Mentor: Is There a Difference?”

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We have students who speak more that 8 different languages in this school, so we want to make sure we are as inclusive as possible.
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