WVS Current and Future Student Form
West Valley School is trying to project its student population for the next five years. We're hoping that you will fill out this form to help us determine future facility and staffing needs. Please provide information for your students who are currently enrolled and for kids who will become students within the next five years. If you have more than five children please complete another form. Also if you are unsure of which elementary school district you live in, contact the Flathead County Superintendent of Schools- https://flathead.mt.gov/schools/.
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CHILD 1- Please list last name, first name. (Note: If you have more than one child attending, please list one child per question. There is space for you to list up to five children. If you have more than five children enrolled, please complete the survey a second time for additional children.) *
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CHILD 2- Please list the name of your second child. (last, first)
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