Malibu High School Senior Exit Survey 2019
Seniors: Please fill out this survey. This is important, as it will let us know which college to send your final transcript and will help us better serve future Malibu High students. You will need to complete this as part of your exit for graduation. This is due Monday June 3, 2019 but the sooner, the better!!!
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Please send my FINAL high school transcript to this college/university: *
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After high school graduation, what is your plan? *
My intended college major is: *
For what reasons did you see your counselors (Mr. Sferra, Mrs. Dahm, and Ms. Nguyen) during high school? Select all that applies. *
If you could start the college search and application process over, what, if anything, would you do differently? Select all that applies. *
Which of these College/Career services did you participated in? *
Overall, how satisfied are you with the services offered by the counseling office? 5-Excellent 1-Needs improvement *
I felt welcomed and helped in the counseling and college/career office *
Counselors were friendly and approachable *
My counselor knows who I am *
I was able to discuss personal issues with my counselors *
Counselors advised me when selecting courses for next year *
What has been the MOST helpful form of communication? *
Would you prefer using social media as a form of receiving counseling information? *
If YES, which form of social media do you use and would like to receive information through? *
Did you use an outside College Counselor?
How many colleges/universities did you apply to?
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Were you admitted to your first choice college/university?
Did you fill out the FAFSA?
Please leave a note for your guidance counselor (Mr. Sferra or Mrs. Dahm)
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Please leave a note for your college counselor (Ms. Nguyen)
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What recommendations or ideas would you like to share that would have improved your high school experience? Any other additional comments:
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Would you be interested in coming back to Malibu High school as a guest speaker/alumni panel?
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