An Open Letter from Dwight-Englewood School
A team of D-E educators worked to create this letter. It is supported by school leadership. We would love to have as many people as possible sign onto this letter. If you feel aligned with the spirit of these statements, please enter and submit your information below. Your signature will be included with the publication of this letter. If you have already signed, thank you - we will include your name.
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June 2020
The events of the last month have made quite clear the uncomfortable truth of present-day America: while many of us believed that much progress was made, racism continues to be a deeply rooted part of our society. The killings of three African-Americans - Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, and George Floyd in Minnesota - are horrific, recently publicized instances of regularly occurring violence against Black people. We hold the vulnerability, pain, sadness, anger, and outrage of people around the country. We stand in grief and solidarity with Black communities. In this moment we affirm the full humanity, dignity, beauty, and rights to freedom from violence for Black people.
Along with standing up with and among Black people in this moment, we are called to emphasize that as a school community, D-E is committed to embracing diversity in its entirety. We seek and affirm families and employees, and we support alumni, who are a part of diverse communities and who have diverse identities with respect to ability, gender, learning styles, race-culture-ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. In our present moment, we recognize that our diversity values - in the midst of suffering, despair, and death of all kinds that are so visible right now - require us to affirm the humanity, safety, and health of all people, especially those whose humanity and safety are too often denied. We recognize that multiple forms of societal discrimination are all intertwined and of the same toxic family.

In this moment of crisis in our country, we all need to work together to protect and care for each other. We pledge to do that here at Dwight-Englewood School.
Thus, in the spirit of our Mission, Core Values and Diversity Values Statement, we redouble our efforts to:

Be a caring community
Be upstanders for safety, security, inclusion, and justice
Create stronger connections and understanding between and among us as community members
We commit to unlearning our biases, to end daily expressions of discrimination - big and small, overt and subtle. We commit to lifelong learning and dialogue, and to stand up for the humanity of all people at all times. And, we recognize that this historical moment requires us to especially uplift the experiences of Black people while we stand in solidarity with all who experience marginalization, discrimination, and violence.
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