2019 U.S. Digital Marketing Pricing Survey
A survey for United States of America digital marketing professionals to reveal market standards and average pricing for various digital marketing services and is conducted solely by Jason Falls using Google Forms/Sheets. All survey results data will be shared publicly for all to see and use.

NOTE: Because of the potentially sensitive financial nature of this information, all survey participants should be anonymous. There will be no attempt to identify users or their agencies or businesses relevant to survey participation or survey answers captured.

Welcome to the survey ...
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How many employees currently work at the agency or business you represent? *
How would you best describe the size market the business you represent is located within?
What is the average monthly spend to your business from your clients? (How much revenue per client, per month on average?) *
What is your average or blended hourly rate for marketing services? *
What approach best describes how your business approaches marketing software subscriptions? (Choose one) *
What types of marketing software does your business subscribe to (Check all that apply) *
What is the average monthly spend for your business on marketing software subscriptions or services?
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