DMV Mutant Vehicle Pre-approval Form 2018
All Mutant Vehicles should pre-register to allow quicker inspection. Pre-registration does not mean approval. Vehicle will be inspected onsite. Please email with a picture or sketch of your mutant vehicle, including your name and vehicle name, after filling out this form. Thanks!

Rules and Regs can be found at

Email address *
Legal Name *
Burner Name
Phone Number if you like texts and/or calls
Mobile Art / Vehicle Name *
Link to a picture of your vehicle *
You can use an image server (imgur, google photos) and put the link here or write your email address here and email a picture to
Theme Camp Affiliation *
N/A if not associated with a Theme Camp
Parking Location *
Where will your mobile art be parked when not in operation?
Size of Mobile Art *
Length * Width * Height
Arrival Time *
Depature Time *
Will the vehicle be used for the purpose of helping with any disability as well as mobile art? *
If yes, please email to coordinate your needs with our volunteers.
Level of Mutation of Mobile Art? *
Please give detailed information about the radical mutations applied to the vehicle.
Does the mobile art/ vehicle have sound? *
If you get more than two warnings about your sound system, you may lose your DMV license and right to drive your Mutant Vehicle for the rest of the event.
Is the mobile art lighted? *
For vehicles seeking to drive at night, basic requirements must be met: The rear, front AND sides must be lit. All vehicle extremities must be lit. Any trailer hitch or dangerous area of the vehicle must be lit. Anywhere someone would walk, step, or climb on your vehicle should be lit, especially stairs and ladders. Can you prove that this statement is true about this mobile art?
Does the mobile art/vehicle have flame effects? *
If so ellaborate! Does the vehicle/ mobile art carry a first aid kit or fire extinguisher? Guidelines for Flame Effects on Mutant Vehicles can be found here:
Safety!!! *
Please detail all safety considerations you are making for the mobile art. For Example: Is there a clear field of vision for the operator, including rear and side mirrors?
Can the mobile art/vehicle maintain a steady speed of 5 MPH (The speed limit in Mysteria) *
Are the brakes in good working order? *
And any other safety issues that you can think of...
Please detail the safety procedure for loading and unloading passengers. *
If the mobile art/ vehicle will be taking passengers it should have a safe access area for passengers.
Ultimately why should we register this mobile art/ vehicle? *
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