RFP: Sound Scene 2019 "Amplify"
Sound Scene XII will be Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Please fill out this form for EACH proposal (workshop, performance, interactive installation). Only one representative related to a given proposal should fill out this form (please do list all the collaborators in the fields noted below). Also as a reminder, the main location (the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden) has a limited number of power outlets available during Sound Scene. We are limited in the number of outlet-powered proposals that we can accept. We are extra pleased to consider proposals that are battery powered, human powered, or require no power. Thank you.
Email address *
Your name and email (as the point of contact for this proposal)
First and Last names of all artist/s producing or collaborating on the work (for printed program) *
Title of work (for printed program)
Please describe your proposal in 3-5 sentences (for printed program)
Which of the following best describes your work? (check as many as you'd like for this one particular proposal) *
Email address for artist/s creating the work. Please list each email for each artist involved. (These are for our internal communication purposes only) *
In what state/country are you based? (for the printed program)
Will you be able to be in Washington, D.C. during Sound Scene 2019 if your work is selected? (Sound Scene will be June 29 + 30, 2019) *
Please let us know your required budget (this is the cost that you'd need us to provide in order for you to create the work/workshop/performance. This includes materials and your time. This amount should NOT include your personal travel/per diem/accommodations etc)
In 2-3 sentences please describe how your proposal relates to the theme "Amplify." (We're cool with abstract, metaphorical, and/or otherwise creative links) *
Artist bios. 2-3 sentences for each artist involved in producing/creating work (for printed program) *
Suggested placement/s for your work at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (optional). If your work is selected, your choice for placement is not guaranteed. Please note we can not install works directly within the trees, low shrubs, or other artworks on-site. *
Is your proposal weather resistant? (If we suggest it be placed outdoors, can it withstand DC summer heat and/or light rain?)
Equipment you plan to bring into the Hirshhorn (Please list the gear YOU will provide and note the estimated sizes of the materials). Please note the Hirshhorn itself has limited speaker and power resources available on-site. *
Dimensions of your work (approximate). Please note 1) the size of the project itself AND 2) the size of the space you'd need to present it in (For example: Do people need to be able to completely circle the work? Can this be positioned on a tabletop? In a corner?) *
How is your proposal powered (if at all)? Please note that the Hirshhorn has VERY FEW power outlets. We will be limited in the number of outlet-powered projects we can accept for Sound Scene 2019. *
Is this all-ages friendly? *
What senses does your work engage and how? How might our deaf audiences engage with this proposal? *
Does this proposal/installation/work require a facilitator? (Your answer will not impact the selection process) *
How many people can participate/interact with your work at one time/concurrently? *
Does your proposal have any political content? In this case we mean, does it name a current politician or include the voice of any political figures currently in office? (Your answer will not directly impact our decision but we may have a couple follow up questions for you). *
Does the proposal/work require a volunteer to monitor it in order to ensure that materials are not stolen or damaged? (This is separate from facilitation. We like to know if there are small pieces that have a risk of "walking away...") *
How much time do you require to install this work? *
How much time does it take to take down this work at the end of the event? *
Would you be interested in being part of a panel discussion or short workshop during Sound Scene? (Your reply here will not impact the selection of your work). *
Did you email a work sample to DCListeningLounge@gmail.com? *
Other info we should know? (optional)
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