BCH Pre-Ice Time Player & Parent COVID Screening
Please read through the questionnaire and answer all of the questions truthfully.

*Players who arrive at the arena and appear to be symptomatic will not be allowed to participate.

*If your player is not feeling well, or showing any signs of any illness please keep them home.

*If you have any symptoms or answer yes to any of the questions you must stay home for a minimum of 24 hours after the last symptom subsides.

*Please notify the coach if your child is not attending and the reasons for missing, this is for tracking purposes.

*The questionnaire must be completed by each player and the one parent who is attending with that player that ice time.

*This form needs to be completed for every entry into the arena for both games and practices.
Email address *
Today's Date *
Player Name (Last, First) *
Parent Name (Last, First) *
Contact Phone Number - Parent *
Player Age Division (eg. U15) *
Team Colour *
What arena will you be attending? *
Are you currently experiencing any of these issues? Call 911 if you are. *
If you are in any of the following at-risk groups, we ask that you speak with your physician prior to participating. *
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