HLAB 2020 Camp Mentor Application
Thank you for your interest in HLAB! If you're looking for a fun, fulfilling way to spend the summer, you have made the right first step in seeking this application.

This application will consist of four main sections:

1) Personal and location information
2) Open questions
3) Syllabus

Please provide your answers in English, otherwise we will have a hard time evaluating you. Your application in no way guarantees your admission to the program. HLAB, now attracting mentors from all over the world, is a competitive program, so please compose your responses comprehensively. You are also only allowed to make ONE submission, so make it count!

As HLAB is a program designed primarily for university students, please note that selection will heavily favour students that are either still in school or students that have recently graduated (within 8 months).

While we provide additional details on how to submit your seminar syllabus later on in this application, if you would like to see one example before filling out the rest of the application, please see here:

Best of luck, applicants!
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