Cat owner surrender
Please complete this form if you are looking to surrender a cat. If you have more than one cat please complete a form for each cat.
Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that we will be able to take your cat in, it puts you on the wait list and we will notify you when we have space.
Cat surrender fees range from $50-100 depending on a number of factors, we will inform you what your surrender fee is after you complete this questionnaire.

**If you would like us to courtesy post your cat on social media please send a couple of pictures and write a bio that can be copy and pasted to facebook. The bio should include the cats age, general personality, vaccine info and contact information if someone is interested. Please note that we are providing a larger audience for your animal to be re-homed, we will not partake in screening people that contact you from this courtesy post. You are welcome to complete the surrender form and submit pictures for a courtesy post. If your cat is surrendered to us any applicant will go through our normal application process.

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Why are you surrendering the cat? *
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If we can help you solve the problem will you keep the cat? *
Is the cat microchipped? If yes, by who and what is the number? *
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Is the cat indoor or outdoor? *
Is the cat litter box trained? *
Does the cat get anxious when alone? *
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Where does the cat sleep during the day and at night? *
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How does the cat feel about these things? *
best thing ever
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Pets on the head
Pets on the back
Pets on the stomach
Pets of the tail
Child or adult tugging on the tail/ears
sitting in laps
being picked up
nails trimmed
fur brushed
dogs being around
What other animals has the cat lived with *
Do you think the cat would want to be an only cat or live with another cat? *
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Describe the cats general personality *
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What vet/clinic does the cat go to? *
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When is the last time the cat went to a vet? *
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Is the cat up to date on rabies? *
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