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Are you looking to improve your organization’s ability to support LGBTQ+ community members? Please complete the following form so Pride Center of Vermont's Education team can contact you to discuss training options and availability.

Due to high demand, we encourage you to submit training requests well in advance of the requested training date (e.g., 2+ months). All requests will be considered, but will depend on availability, funding, and community impact. Contact with any questions.
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Please note that the minimum time commitment for training is 1 hour.
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Grant-sponsored trainings cost no money to your organization or entity, but must be either health/care or DV/SV/survivor oriented. Our staff prioritizes smaller and rural organizations for grant-sponsored trainings.
Is there any other preliminary information that our facilitators should know about the culture of your organization or entity, your reasons for inquiring about training, or anything else that will help us fulfill your training request?
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