Corrupt Government Practices Incident Report
Public Body Electioneering, Tax Backed Lobbying, and Pay-to-play abuses reported here. Please report one incident at a time, and provide enough specific facts for follow-up if necessary.
Date of corrupt act (if reporting ongoing please approximate when the corruption began).
Please be as precise as you can. If you do not know please explain in your comments later.
Name and office of suspected government official and/or contractor or civilian co-conspirators.
Please use names offenders and involved municipality, school district, county, or other public body. Provide contact information if you have it.
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Describe the incident in detail.
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What types of evidence exists to corroborate this incident? *
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Describe the proof you have or that you believe exists.
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If you believe there is proof in the form of a public record, please indicate where the document or record is located, its title, and describe what it relates to.
If you already have the document or proof please indicate that fact.
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Are you willing to come forward as a whistle-blower?
Even if you are not willing to come forward openly, there are often ways to expose corruption through this service.
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What tax money or government resource was exploited?
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