P4 LJ to Science Centre
Learning Journey to Singapore Science Centre for P4 Students
(Miss Natalie Ho, P4 Science Level Representative)
The school is organising a learning journey to the Singapore Science Centre for all P4 students to learn more about ‘Heat and Temperature’. The objective of the workshop is to engage students in experiential learning through hands-on activities.

During the session, students will:
• observe what happens to objects when they are heated up or cooled down
• learn about the different methods of heat transfer and how to measure temperature
• compare how different objects conduct heat at different rates

The details of the learning journey are as follows:
Dates/Day Classes Time
4A & 4B: 24 August 2018 / Friday
4C: 21 August 2018 / Tuesday
4D: 15 August 2018 / Wednesday
1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Time: (for PV to report) 1pm
Venue: (for PV to report) School canteen

Students will be required to report to school as per normal and they will have their usual lessons until 1.00 pm on that day. They will have their lunch in school before they leave for the Science Centre.

Please respond by 1 August 2018 to state if you are interested to sign up as a parent volunteer for this programme.
Where possible, we would endeavour to match parent volunteers to the classes of their children/wards; however, we might not be able to accommodate every parent’s request. We would contact you at least 2 days in advance to confirm your service as a parent volunteer.

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