Enough Committee Interest Form
Each executive officer will oversee a committee. Please review each committee description below.

Fundraising: This committee will plan at least one fundraiser a semester to raise money for Enough's Survivor Assistance Fund or to be donated to a community partner in need. This committee will be chaired by the Administration and Finance officer.

Marketing and Membership: This committee is responsible for raising awareness for Enough and to encourage members from each chapter to join the organization. This committee will be chaired by the Public Relations and Membership officer.

Community Outreach: This committee is responsible for building a network of community partners to have a collaborative approach to working together. They would find volunteer opportunities or plan clothing or supplies drives for specific partners or shelters. This committee will be chaired by the Community Outreach officer.

Events: This committee will create programming for National Hazing Prevention Week, assist in the planning of A Night to Remember, plan an event for Denim Day in the spring, and plan other events to raise awareness and create education of power and sexual based violence as needed.
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