Ashley Apok New Moon Offerings October 2019
Welcome to the first in a series of New Moon Offerings. I am choosing the new moon to be the time I offer up my creations, as it is a time of energetic openness- perfect for setting and solidifying new intentions for ones unfolding life path.

Each design is tattooed only once. You can apply for as many designs as you desire.

Please send your deposit within 24 hours of receiving my e-mail to secure your design and appointment. If no response is received within the allotted time, I offer the design to the next person who expressed interest.

Rate is $175/hr in Nelson, and $195/hr in Vancouver.
Deposit is $200 and payable via eTransfer to The deposit is deducted from the final tattoo session.
Please give a minimum of 48 hours for rescheduling / cancellation.

I am currently based in Nelson, BC. I frequently guest in Vancouver at Rainfire tattoo. Follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop with upcoming guest spot dates.

In gratitude,
Blooming Heart
A flower bursts forth from the heart, and a bouquet of verdant growth ensues. This design embodies the energy of an openness and willingness to live in, and from the heart. Suitable for a Female-embodied person of medium, to plus-size build.
Trumpeting Aliveness
An asymmetrical wrapping adornment exploding in a celebration of aliveness. This design embodies the overcoming of obstacles, and a lightness of spirit. Suitable for a Female embodied person, placement is suggested.
Exploration of Self
This wrapping floral adornment is inspired by the exploration of the inner world. Delicate draping vines represent our plant allies, and feather-forms symbolize the spirit realm. This design is intended for a Female-embodied person. Placement is suggested.
This design is a balance between the organic and aligned. The symmetrical aspect of the mandala provides a foundation for the dance of the flower. This design is intended for a Female-embodied person. Placement is suggested.
Effortless Cascade
These powerful thigh adornments propel the wearer forward in their evolution. Uplifting and protecting the wearer with a lightness of being, and heart. Intended for a Female-embodied person, and offered as a matching pair or single.
Evolutionary Abundance
Unfolding, evolving, enraptured- lotus petals and feather forms shake and dance in a celebration of life. A balance of light and dark- a willingness to show up and do the work. This design is gender non-specific, and offered up to anyone who deeply resonates with the imagery and intention.
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