2019 Allen Band Excused Absence Request Form (Marching Band)
All requests to have an excused absence or to resolve a scheduling conflict should follow a three step process as soon as you know you have a conflict (one month or more). If you are sick, please complete this process within 24 hours.

(1) The student or parent must complete this form. If you will be out for a range of dates, you must submit a form for every date you will miss.
(2) A PARENT must send an e-mail to their student's ensemble director stating the date of absence, duration of absence, and the reason for the absence. Attach a doctor's note if necessary.
(3) The STUDENT must communicate with their section leader to let them know they will be absent for a particular rehearsal.

NOTE: Extended travel on planned family trips (weddings, family trips that involve flights) are always considered excused with AT LEAST 30 days advanced notice.

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