KSWA 2021 Writers Survey
Five years ago, we established the Kamloops Society for the Written Arts (KSWA) in order to:

(a) hold an annual festival for readers and writers celebrating the written arts;
(b) provide professional development opportunities for writers; and
(c) promote and support the written arts throughout the community.

Since then, we’ve grown the Kamloops Writers Festival into Words Alive Kamloops, held dozens of writing workshops, author talks, and other events, and run two editions of our Write-a-Thon fundraiser.

Now it’s time to reflect on what we’ve done and what we might do in the future. We’ve started a community conversation around two big questions: 1) In the digital age, what does it mean to foster a community of writers in a particular place or region (e.g. Kamloops), and 2) What is the role of a non-profit organization in fostering that community (if any)?

As part of our conversation, we are asking the writing community in Kamloops and region for their input. By completing the survey below, you’ll help us determine where to focus our energies, and we invite you to add to that pool of energy!

Thank you in advance!
Which of the statements describes you best?
Clear selection
Do you belong to any writers organizations or associations?
Clear selection
If "yes," which writer organizations or associations do you belong to?
One of our organization's main purposes is to hold an annual writers festival. Please indicate your interest in the following:
Not interested at all
Somewhat interested, if it's free
I'd pay money depending on the program
I'd definitely go (assuming a reasonable price)
An in-person writers festival in Kamloops (like Words Alive)
An online writers festival organized in Kamloops
An in-person writers festival in another city
An online writers festival hosted in another city
Clear selection
We do not currently have a paid membership, but we are considering it. What could we offer you that would make a $20 / year membership worthwhile?
Who do you really want to engage with, meet, and learn from at our events and workshops for writers?
Clear selection
Please tell us how valuable the following activities are or would be to you. Some are activities we have done in the past, while others are activities we are considering in the future.
Not valuable
Somewhat valuable
Quite valuable
Highly valuable
I really don't know
Words Alive Kamloops writers festival
In-person author talks
In-person writing workshops
Silent write
Writer networking events
Open mic events
Writer resources on our website
A writing contest calendar on our website
Our Write-a-Thon event and fundraiser
A local writing contest
A local online literary journal
A small local print publisher
Clear selection
What is your overall feeling about virtual events
Clear selection
What do you need to be supported as a writer?
How engaged do you want to be in our organization's activities?
Clear selection
If you answered C. or D. to the last question (meaning you'd like to help out), please tell us your name and the best way to reach you (e.g. email address, phone #, etc.)
Thanks so much for taking the time! We'll be in touch!
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