NPM trivial reuse survey
We are a group of researchers from Concordia University ( performing a study on the impact of trivial reuse of Node packages. We are conducting a quick (15 minute) preliminary survey to better understand what developers consider to be a trivial package.

Below, you see a list of packages (clicking on the link will show the source code of the packages), and we would like you to check the box for packages that you think are "trivial". A trivial package is loosely defined in our context and can be thought of as a package that can be quickly and easily coded by yourself, i.e., you do not absolutely need to use this package. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:
How would you best describe yourself? *
How much development experience do you have? *
In the previous question, which attributes did you use to determine that a package was trivial? *
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