Submit your art to Se Aculilló? | La sutura tierna. Due July 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM
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What: ¿Se aculilló? is an ongoing series of performance events and art shows.

The phrase, ¿Se aculilló?, is a Colombian taunt that roughly translates to “Are you scared?” More literally, ¿Se aculilló? refers to a sensation of the body (in particular, the ass) clenching or curling inward.

Where: Previous installments have occurred at AS220 (Oct. 2017) and Trade Pop-up (Feb. 2018). The next show will be a multi-space show, happening at AS220 and at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts on the Brown University campus.

When: September 2018
AS220 Opening: Saturday, September 1
Granoff Opening: Thursday, September 6

Who: This is an open call for people who have origins, ancestral roots, and/or cultural ties to the region known as Latin America, including the Caribbean.
Theme: We have titled this third installment La sutura tierna, or “the tender suture.” Artists are asked to consider the body and fear in relationship to this theme.

With this, we are thinking about susto, an illness identified as regionally specific to Latin America and often translated as “soul loss.” Today, artists with marginalized identities are often expected to put their traumas on display. La sutura tierna hopes to acknowledge traumas but center healing, as we come together as a community to hold each other, tenderly.

Strong consideration for Black artists, Indigenous artists, LGBTQAI artists, and artists who have been marginalized or disenfranchised from traditional presentations of art.

All mediums, including performance/live arts, will be considered. We will also accept proposals for new projects that have not yet been created or performed.

We are also looking to pair student artists and community artists who can collaboratively develop work for the show on Brown’s campus. Students, you may submit as an individual artist or as a pair, with a community artist with whom you already have a relationship. If you submit individually, the curatorial team will pair your work with an artist working in Rhode Island. Submissions are open to graduate and undergraduate students.

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