Volunteer for Dr. Olivieri for City College GOTV!
Let Team Victor know how you can help Get Out The Vote for Dr. Victor Olivieri. Election Day is drawing near, and YOU can make all the difference. Sign up for a volunteer shift below during the final days leading up to the Election and we'll be in touch to give you the tools you need to help Victor win on November 6.
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Ways to Volunteer
TEXTING: You don't have to wait until the final few days to help Victor win! With the push of a few buttons from your phone, you can sign up to send text messages to voters. Sign up here: https://rr.team/textforVictor

COMMUTE VISIBILITY: People are busy, but they still have to get to and from work. So while voters are waiting for the next bus, share some campaign materials for them to read on the morning commute. Or just hold a sign at a busy intersection! This is an easy way to help Victor before you head in to work, or on your way home in the evening.

FARMER'S MARKETS: Spend a couple hours talking with voters, holding a sign, and passing out campaign materials at your local Farmer's Market, or visit a new Farmer's Market!

LIT DROP: Want to get some exercise while helping Victor? Sign up to help place door hangers on voters' doors.
Volunteer Anytime Up Until Election Day
Monday, October 29-Thursday, November 1
Friday, November 2
Saturday, November 3
Sunday, November 4
Monday, November 5
ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, November 6
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