Vendor Attendance Form Notification Submission RYM
This form is for accepted participating Vendors who are anticipating an absence or tardy at the Rail Yards Market.

To streamline our communications, everyone MUST submit this online form if they are anticipating an absence. Notifications by email will no longer be accepted. Your submission is time-stamped, and filed in a spreadsheet for our records.

Please fill out a separate request if you have multiple dates.
Note: booth fees are non-refundable. 30 days prior notice of an absence is the only time a fee is exchangeable, IF pre-approved & space is available. See RYM's "Rules & Regulations" for more details. Here's an exerpt about absences under "Attendance":
b. Scheduled Absence: If a vendor is going to miss a scheduled Market, they must notify management by the Wednesday before their scheduled Market by submitting an online formal request (link: ) or call/text 505 600-1109 to leave a voicemail. This type of absence will not affect a Vendor’s History Record negatively.
c. Exchangeable absence: Vendors who submit notice 30 days before a pre-scheduled absence are eligible for a credit that can be used an additional market day’s fees IF spaces are available. Management will determine availability and scheduling. This is the ONLY type of absence where fees can be credited for another day.
d. Unscheduled Absence: If a vendor misses a scheduled day without notifying management by the Wednesday before their scheduled Market, this is notated on the vendor’s record. See Solutions Management Program.
e.No-Call-No-Show: An instance where a Vendor does not notify management of absence is considered a “No-Call-No-Show”. One of these instances may warrant disqualification or suspension from future markets.

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