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KoreaMaria Coaching designs a customized learning program to develop these skills and incorporate them into your successful, independent learning practice:

* Soft Skills
* Critical Literacy Skills
* Digital Literacy Skills
* Etiquette & Protocol
* Motivation
* Basic Literacy
* Learning Style Adaptations
* Multiple Intelligence Discovery & Integration

Strategies for long term success in online, virtual environments helps you control your learning pace.

KoreaMaria Coaching is your personal:

* cheerleader for encouragement
* learning concierge to focus your efforts on learning success
* accountability manager for evaluation and assessment of progress

Empower your learning practice by putting yourself in control of your learning! Sound scary? Well, it is kind of. Most formal schooling has been to follow the rules, wait for instruction, and pass the test. These social habits don't help when confronted with independent, online learning.

With a personal learning coach you interact in a space where you set your learning goals and discover opportunities to achieve them. Maria provides assistance and coaching through the messiness of learning something new, and helps you manage your stress level to support your learning and not act as a block to your own learning process

If you can learn independently online, then this service is not for you. But if you need a little (or a lot!) of help in completing an online course or developing better independent learning practices for any course work that you may be struggling with, then KoreaMaria Coaching is a space to let yourself become a successful virtual learner.

Change your life now! Sign up for your first session with learning coach, Maria Lisak.

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